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Season 4 Episode 39: Looking back with Frances on Farming

“There are few left alive now who remember those days.  There were none of the new inventions of tractor driven machinery that became available to the more prosperous farmers in the late 1930’s and early 1940’s.  The machinery was horse or mule driven.  For the women, there were no modern stoves or refrigerators.  Milk and […]

Season 4 Episode 37: H.S. Eglund on the Sun and Solar Energy

Welcome to Tea Toast & Trivia. Thank you for listening in. I am you host, Rebecca Budd, and I look forward to sharing this moment with you. I am travelling virtually over 7900 kilometers to Berlin, Germany to meet up with my friend, Eglund, journalist and writer, to discuss the sun and the energy that […]


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I am a Blogger, Photographer, Traveler.  Above all, I’m a life-long learner.

Tea, Toast & Trivia is about exploring the creative spirit within a dynamic, ever-changing global world. The pursuit of creativity is essential. It speaks to the soul of our culture and society.  It allows us to celebrate our individuality and our togetherness. We live in a world that offers unimaginable possibilities.


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