Community Joseph Macdonald Podcast TTT Transcultural Communication

Season 4 Episode 35:  Joseph Macdonald on Engaging Within a Global Community

“There is no way to define my engagement in this process other than to call it a passion.  A passion for supporting immigrants and refugees in every way possible and for enhancing communication and understanding for all people.” Joseph Macdonald, Strategic and Business Development Specialist Welcome to Tea, Toast and Trivia. Thank you for listening […]

Adventures Personal Stories Podcast TTT Season 3 Valerie Peachey

Season 3 Episode 35: Valerie Peachey on Beginnings, Adventures & Life Stories

Welcome to Tea Toast & Trivia. Thank you for listening in! I am your host, Rebecca Budd, and I am looking forward to sharing this moment with you.  I am heading over to Spain to meet up with Dr. Valerie Peachey.   I have been looking forward to connecting with Valerie ever since my friend and […]

Lorna Brown Orkney Podcast TTT Robert Rendall Season 2 Travel

Season 2 Episode 35: Traveling the Mists of Ancient Orkney with Lorna Brown

Welcome to Tea Toast & Trivia.  Thank you for listening in. Join me as I travel across the ocean to Orkney, where the fresh sea air and rugged landscape captures the spirit of daring souls.  I am delighted that I am meeting up with my friend, Lorna Brown of See Orkney Tours, who was our […]