Adventures Personal Stories Podcast TTT Season 3 Valerie Peachey

Season 3 Episode 35: Valerie Peachey on Beginnings, Adventures & Life Stories

Welcome to Tea Toast & Trivia. Thank you for listening in! I am your host, Rebecca Budd, and I am looking forward to sharing this moment with you.  I am heading over to Spain to meet up with Dr. Valerie Peachey.   I have been looking forward to connecting with Valerie ever since my friend and […]

Lorna Brown Orkney Podcast TTT Robert Rendall Season 2 Travel

Season 2 Episode 35: Traveling the Mists of Ancient Orkney with Lorna Brown

Welcome to Tea Toast & Trivia.  Thank you for listening in. Join me as I travel across the ocean to Orkney, where the fresh sea air and rugged landscape captures the spirit of daring souls.  I am delighted that I am meeting up with my friend, Lorna Brown of See Orkney Tours, who was our […]