Historical Literature History Lily Style Podcast TTT Season 4 Storytelling Writing

Season 4 Episode 16: Lily Style on Horatia’s Secret and Bringing the Past Alive in Stories

“Horatia Nelson Ward has a terrible secret. She is the illegitimate daughter of British hero Admiral Lord Nelson, while her mother is the despised Lady Hamilton. And if she claims her heritage to redeem herself, she’ll ruin her children. Her silence is tearing her apart. Concerned loved ones coax her to disclose. But a sixty-year-old […]

Historical Literature Joan Dunnett Podcast TTT Scotland Season 3 Sir Walter Scott

Season 3 Episode 16: Joan Dunnett on Reading Sir Walter Scott

Welcome to Tea Toast & Trivia. Thank you for listening in. I am your host Rebecca Budd, and I am looking forward to sharing this moment with you.  I am delighted and thrilled that my friend, Joan Dunnett, writer of “Tides of Change,” and I have once again bridged the 7,059 kilometres between Edinburgh and […]

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Season 2. Episode 16: Dave Astor on Books & Creativity

Welcome to Tea, Toast and Trivia. Thank you for listening in. Dave Astor and I are once again  bridging the 3,923 kilometers between New Jersey to Vancouver. The book on top of my 2020 stack of books,  is Dave Astor’s Fascinating Facts About Famous Fiction Authors and the Greatest Novels of All Time: The Book […]

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Episode 16: Looking Back with Frances

Welcome to Tea, Toast and Trivia. Good morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, – wherever you are, thank you for listening in. All of us have a story to tell.  Our lives are full of drama, celebrations, joys, sorrows – even a little mystery, intrigue, and magic are sprinkled on some of the more mundane moments […]