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Season 2 Episode 52: Martha’s Story

Welcome to Tea Toast & Trivia! Thank you for listening in. My sister asked a painter to paint this from the picture. Front view of threshing. The tractor with a large belt on the power takeof ran the thresher. The grain bin on left was where grain was augered into from thresher the straw was […]

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Season 2.Episode 22: Frances on The Art of Canning

Welcome to Tea, Toast and Trivia.   Thank you for listening in.  A few weeks ago, Frances and I were discussing the Great Depression, the severe worldwide economic depression of the 1930’s, which started in 1929.  One of the questions that came up was food supplies and production.  This led to a great discussion on […]

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Episode 34: Frances on Two Sisters Look Back

Welcome to Tea, Toast and Trivia. Good morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening!  Wherever you are, thank you for listening in. In one of my last conversations with my Father before he passed several years ago, he asked me to tell the stories.  I gave my promise, without having a full understanding of what telling the […]