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Season 5 Episode 5:  John Quinn on The Dundee Connection with Mary Shelley

“I lived principally in the country as a girl and passed a considerable time in Scotland. I made occasional visits to the more picturesque parts; but my habitual residence was on the blank and dreary northern shores of the Tay, near Dundee. Blank and dreary on retrospection I call them; they were not so to […]

Classics Dave Astor Podcast TTT Season 4 Shehanne Moore

Season 4 Episode 5:  Shehanne Moore and Dave Astor on Reading the Classics

“A classic is the term given to any book which comes to represent the whole universe, a book on a par with ancient talismans.” Italo Calvino, Why Read the Classics? Welcome to Tea, Toast and Trivia. Thank you for listening in. Shehanne Moore from Dundee Scotland, and David Astor from Montclair, New Jersey have joined […]