Klausbernd Vollmar Podcast TTT Season 3 Ugliness

Season 3 Episode 8: Klausbernd Vollmar on Ugliness

Welcome to Tea Toast & Trivia.  Thank you for listening in. I am travelling over 7,500 kilometers to Cley-Next-The-Sea, an idyllic artists’ village situated on the River Glaven in Norfolk, England. I am meeting up once again with my dear blogger friend, and professional author, Klausbernd Vollmar, who is an authority on colour theory and […]

Beauty Klausbernd Vollmar Podcast TTT Season 3

Season 3 Episode 2: Klausbernd Vollmar on Beauty

“Since the beginning of philosophy people thought about beauty, what it is and by what it is caused. This question was dealt with in mythology and literature in Homeric Greece. Paris, the son of the king and queen of Troy, should choose the most beautiful of three goddesses Minerva/Athena, Hera/Juno, and Aphrodite/Venus. This shows the […]

Colour England Klausbernd Vollmar Podcast TTT Season 2

Season 2 Episode 50: Klausbernd Vollmar on Colours of Life

“Every colour has its personality and a different impact on us. Colour sends out a vibration like every person does. This vibration interferes with that of its onlooker. That’s why we like certain colours and dislike others even if this is mostly unconsciously.” Klausbernd Vollmar, Scientific Psychologist, Author Welcome to Tea Toast & Trivia.  Thank […]