Creativity Music Podcast TTT Season 4 Tim Price

Season 4 Episode 43: Timothy Price on Music and Creative Endeavour

Reflections dive deep
Into swift waters stilled
Winter’s magic ethereal light
Walks on water, river sprites
Tiptoe under thin light gleaming
Watchful sliver moon alone

Slips between shadows, darkness
Chimeric light leads me home

Excerpt from a Walk in Winter by Timothy Price


Welcome to Tea Toast & Trivia.

Thank you for listening in.

I am your host Rebecca Budd, and I am looking forward to sharing this moment with you.

I am traveling virtually to Albuquerque, New Mexico to meet up with my blogger friend, writer, poet, musician, and photographer, Timothy Price. He joins me today for a discussion on music and creative endeavour.

I have been following Tim’s blog since my first introduction to him on Resa McConaghy’s blog,  Art Gowns, The Art of Glamorous Fantasy. Tim has a marvelous sense of humour and a love of photography and music.  What I especially appreciate about Tim is that he provides sustained support and encouragement for artistic pursuits.

Tim reminds me that creativity opens us to experience a deeper understanding of who we are and how we relate to the world around us.

I invite you to put the kettle on and add to this exciting conversation on Tea Toast & Trivia.

Thank you for joining Tim and me on Tea Toast & Trivia.

And a special thank you, Tim, for a brilliant discussion on music and creative endeavours.

I invite meet up with Tim and his friends on his blog Off Centre Not Even.   It is a great place to hang out and listen to music,

Until next time, dear friends, safe travels wherever your adventures lead you.

Timothy Price at El Cheo Soundcloud

Timothy Price on Music and Creative Endeavour Tea. Toast. & Trivia.

By Rebecca Budd

Blogger, Visual Storyteller, Podcaster, Traveler and Life-long Learner

57 replies on “Season 4 Episode 43: Timothy Price on Music and Creative Endeavour”

LOL, it was fun to parody that song. I did a couple with Tim. He wrote a hysterically funny version of The Sound of Silence that we both sang. Then I wrote the “girl part” for Iggy Pop’s “Candy.” But I didn’t have time to get the singing perfect. He seemed to like it enough that he had someone else do the singing and posted it.

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Thanks, Teagan. Yes. When you didn’t have time to sing on “Kitty” it was just way too good of a parody to not complete. Suzette agreed and sang the woman’s part. I haven’t been successful in getting her to sing any of my parodies, or original songs, so that shows the quality of your idea, your lyrics for the woman’s part, and our collaboration.

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Oh, now that was a joy listening to! Yes, Tim, we do what we can do and not worry about it. But you know, you do it really well, my friend!… and everything you do!
Thank you, Rebecca for another great conversation with Tim and I do look forward to another one! 😉

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Thank you for joining me on TTT, Tim. You continue to inspire me with your enjoyment of life that comes through your music, your photography, your poetry and writing. Don and I had a great time meeting us with you in your studio. Looking forward to traveling your way again.

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How wonderful to listen to your voice Timothy, chatting away about your life, photography’N ALL. And you are right re just doing things. I am keeping this short cos they are doing fancy new broadband here which right now means it is slower than ever and there’s probs everywhere.

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we had wi fi before / It is just that having lived in this super broadband area that was utter pants, we have now all suffered the additional pain of slow and slower but I would say after the last few weeks of sheer torture that way, this is good tonight. Nothing is sticking in terms of signal.

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This was a wonderful podcast, Rebecca! Even learning about the engineering aspect of Tim’s music creation was fun. The big takeaways from your conversation were the joy of creating, if only for ourselves, and dauntless adaptation to life’s vicissitudes. Tim, your poetry is very good, and you have inspired me. As much as lyrics are poetry, I see them also in your photography. As Andrei Tarkovsky says, poetry is the soul of all artistic endeavors.

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Thank you for listening in, Mary Jo and for you lovely comments that inspire. My gratitude also for your introduction to Andrei Tarkovsky. This is the first time I have encountered this name so I had to quickly search for his background. What a remarkable life. I read that he expressed interest in the art of Haiku and its ability to create “images in such a way that they mean nothing beyond themselves.” I continue to learn and learn and learn!!!

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Thanks for sharing this session with Timothy. I mostly know Tim from his photographs, so learning about his music was fun.

Tim, you’ve had an amazing guitar journey. It seems the guitar continues to call you back. I loved hearing about the way your involvement has been evolved over time, especially into the woodworking.

The music creation process is fascinating. I’m glad you explored that, Rebecca and I wish Tim a wonderful journey ahead. I love his attitude.

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Thanks, Dan. My first real job when I was fifteen was working for an artesian woodworker. I’ve used those skills ever since. The guitar is an amazing instrument as it’s one of the easiest instruments to play, even though a lot of guitar music is complex and really difficult. It’s really adaptable for disabilities, so the guitar never stops calling.

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Thank you Dan for listening in and joining Tim and me virtually in his studio. I am amazed by how Tim was able to bring personalities into his guitars. I did not know that Tim had a background in Flamenco. I confess that I was tempted to go off script (as you know I do) and ask about Flamenco and his experiences in Spain. I am hoping he comes back for that conversation!!!

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I knew that you would enjoy this conversation, Dave. I am fascinated by how our connection to creativity moves through life stages. My piano lessons started when I was 5 and I had thoughts of becoming a musician and/or teaching music. My pathway diverted into other areas, but the skillsets that I learned at the piano, held me in good stead over the years. When I try to play the pieces that came so easily at 18, my fingers are not as nimble. But as Tim said so eloquently and wisely, “just do it and don’t worry about it.”

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FAB interview, Rebecca!
I adore Tim, and all his creativity, his love of nature, his cat herding, his music, TimKus, photography and music.
Many moons have passed since we met.
In terms of what he explained about music, I get it. I have a band under my bed.
I know Tim would love to jam with the guys, and they would welcome him.

He has been a supporter of my art, which is not normal art… I mean gowns as art, not garments. Also, my crazy gown drawings, which have grown into “Gowntoons”.
Tim’s photos have become part of that art, as have you.

Thank you to both of you for this delightful time.


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Many, many thanks for introducing me to Tim, Resa! You have the best soirees at your place. Love that Tangle-Heart tree and “Gowntoons”!!! Without question, Tim provides sustained support and encouragement to everyone he meets. He nurtures creativity through his writing and poetry. His academic papers are presented at conferences around the country. What I didn’t know until now is that he studied Flamenco in Spain. Sending hugs and more hugs your way.

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Thank you Rebecca! Yeah, he told me about the Flamenco. He’s got a fab video w/ a man in a flamenco skirt showing the women how it’s done. Made me feel like taking it up. lol
It’s a wonderful community we are part of.
I still remember the first time Tim commented on one of my posts. It was the Art Gown – Wild Rose!

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Thanks, Resa. You know that Rebecca and I adore you. You were the one who got us together with your fabulous gowns and adventures with the AGMs. You are inspiring.

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Well, you guys are inspiring, too!
I’m having a great time!
Oh, I got a zipper for Charlotte’s gown yesterday. A sewing store moved into the hood. Talk about an Art Gowns store. The zipper would have cost me $3.50 anywhere else. I paid $0.35!!!

There are bins and bins of job items, for dimes and quarters, bolts and bolts of fabrics under $10.00. One has to root around and have product knowledge because there is a lot of trash in there.
What luck!

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Craig said he is really impressed by the quality of the production of your interviews. I told him Don does most of the engineering. Kudos to both of you for putting together wonderfully produced interviews.

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Many thanks, Tim and Craig. Don sends his thanks along with mine. We have a wonderful time meeting up with amazing people. Looking forward to the adventures that are awaiting us in 2023. By the way, Happy Thanksgiving. Celebrating with you on our side of the border!

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Hi Rebecca, it is wonderful to listen to this podcast featuring Timothy Price. I have listened to some of his YT music videos and enjoyed them very much. He is quite uniquely creative with his music and videos which I really appreciate. Of course, his wildlife and other photography is also fabulous.

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Wonderful interview, you two! Insightful, as well. Tim is so right when he says that working our creative bone doesn’t involve anyone else. It doesn’t matter what others think when you are enjoying yourself in your endeavours…

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This is absolutely a delightful conversation and is verified by the many comments! ! I really enjoyed the photos of the guitars and other special photos, they added so much to this delightful podcast! ! He is definitely outstanding and gifted in many areas, one can learn so much from him, I will be reading this again and looking for other ways to learn from him. Thank you very much, Rebecca for this outstanding podcast.

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