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Season 4 Episode 42 The Trio on Living the Dream

Welcome to tea Toast and Trivia

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I am your host, Rebecca Budd, and I look forward to sharing this moment with you.

Sarah, Frances & Rebecca

Today, I am joined by my mother, Frances, and my sister, Sarah, for a discussion on what does it mean to live the dream life.

I invite you to put the kettle on and add to this exciting conversation.

Frances, Sarah and I look forward to your thoughts on Tea Toast & Trivia!

Until next time we meet, safe travels wherever your adventures take you.

The Trio on Living the Dream Tea. Toast. & Trivia.

By Rebecca Budd

Blogger, Visual Storyteller, Podcaster, Traveler and Life-long Learner

33 replies on “Season 4 Episode 42 The Trio on Living the Dream”

Excellent post. I think you have to have reasonable dreams that you can make happen. Often bad experiences are part of living the dream, but if you survive, you have a great story to tell. It’s the rough parts you over come that make living the dream interesting.

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Many thanks for your continued support of these conversations, Tim. Very very much appreciated. Your thoughts on bad experiences being a part of living the dream resonated with me. We do indeed have a great story to tell. Facing challenges with courage and hope are powerful reminders that our lives have unique qualities. We lead interesting lives, indeed!!!

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It was nice to hear again from Frances, Sarah, and Rebecca. I may not want to have the same dreams that others have, but I take inspiration when anyone goes after and achieves their goals.

I don’t know anyone who has a true dream life, but that’s okay because sometimes we fall short. That’s where we can sit and mope or pick ourselves back up and try again. I choose the latter.

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Many thanks for listening in Pete and adding breadth to the conversation. So very well said about taking inspiration from anyone who goes after and achieves their goals. And when we fall short, we have made progress, gained experienced, embraced knowledge and even a little wisdom along the way. We are on a grand adventure, aren’t we? And it is so much fun when we share the pathway!

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I love it when you are joined by Francis and Sarah, Rebecca.

I like that Francis pointed out that we are different but we learn from each other. That is something I feel too many people don’t embrace or even understand.

Sarah is correct when she says we are the product of our experiences. Even if we had a bad experience, we can draw strength from the fact that we got through it. Even if there isn’t anything else that was good, we got through it.

You guys are great. I love the way you explore a topic, and I would love to listen to you explore healing.

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Dan – thank you for your support and encouragement of these conversations. Sarah, Frances and I are delighted that you joined our conversation. I agree – our bad experiences remind us that we have strength for the day (and sometimes it is only on a hour by hour basis), that it is possible to find a way through. I often consider a quote from Ulysses by Alfred Lord Tennyson: “All experience is an arch wherethrough gleams that untravelled world whose margin fades for ever and for ever when I move.”
When I think of an “untraveled word” I do not think of external movement, I think of an internal journey that seeks understanding through our day-to-day living. It is the greatest adventure of all, isn’t it.

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I am delighted that you listened in, Tiffany and added to the conversation. Sarah, Frances and I were in a conversation one day and my husband, Don, suggested that we record the discussion. That is how these podcasts came about.

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This was such a wonderful conversation. Living in the moment and appreciating the gift of that moment is so very important. A positive attitude helps us through both good and hard times. I look forward to your next conversation on healing!

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Lovely hearing from the ‘trio’ again Rebecca. I like what Sarah said about a dream not being the reality, and things that have caused us pain that, with time, recede as we look at the good things attached to them. We need to have dreams to have things to look forward to, and when we accomplish them, we call them ‘dreams come true’, as your mom said. ❤

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Thank you, Debby for your insightful comments. I have enjoyed following your podcast about grief, which is an excellent, thoughtful, compassionate discussion about lost and renewal. I am adding the Spotify link for others to connect with you. You are helping us to understand the process of grief and how we continue to live in a new way.

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Hi Rebecca. Thank you so much for your kindness in sharing. That’s my aim, to try and connect with those who know this pain, and for others who may know someone going through it to give them some insight. Hugs for sharing ❤

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Your conversations, Rebecca/Frances/Sarah, are always so engaging and insightful! I loved this podcast’s mix of the practical and the philosophical as you discussed “living the dream.” The three of you have exceptional chemistry.

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Many thanks, Dave for joining the conversation!!! This conversation came after I read an article about seeking a dream life. It gave me pause. Are we always in a search mode? Are we thinking that something is better around the corner? Will be recognize when we have arrived at the dream state? What is the duration? Is dream = happiness? When I have these questions, it’s time to check in with Sarah and Frances for their viewpoint.

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Of course this was a thought provoking conversation! I headed to Merriam-Webster to confirm my understanding of the word ‘dream,’ thinking its original meaning was what happens in our sleeping state. What a surprise; it wasn’t! The reverse is true; that meaning came later. The TT&T Trio agrees that what really happens while wanting our hopes and wishes to be fulfilled. We adjust, adapt and analyze what went ‘wrong’ and sift through it all to treasure the gold which never tarnishes. Therein is our joy, noise and music of family and community right now. The meanings of ‘dream’ merge in a poignant way. We assume we’re fully awake in the world, but many unexpected ‘scenes’ appear to make life seem like dreamlike. Listening to you, Sarah and Frances always feels like being with somebody I’ve always known but never met! Hugs +++

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Mary Jo – what a wonderful reflection that added dynamics to the conversation. I especially appreciated your thought: “Therein is our joy, noise and music of family and community right now.” The word “therein” is defined as “in that place, document, or respect.” So it is “in that place” – in the now, in the sifting of all that has happened, that we find ourselves at peace. I love that thought – thanks you.

I have come across the idea of awakening many times over these past months. It is an exploration that I want to pursue. Consider Romans 13:11 “the hour has come for you to wake from sleep.” And Antoine de Saint-Exuper thought: “A single event can awaken within us a stranger totally unknown to us. To live is to be slowly born.” Or C.G. Jung: “Who looks outside, dreams: who looks inside, awakes.”

I do enjoy our conversations, Mary Jo!

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Until the 13th century “joy”, “noise” or “music” were the original meanings of “dream” in the Old English language, so says Merriam-Webster! Who would have thought the dictionary would provide us with such poetry, therein?! 🙂

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A conversation with the trio is always such a treat! This one in particular was so insightful and thought-provoking, prompting me to reflect on how I would define “living the dream.” What struck me listening to your conversation, then reading people’s comments is that each person must define “living the dream” for him or herself. In fact, I would say this is critical. You can never live someone else’s concept of the dream life, even if you wanted to. For me, living the dream is a state of being rather than a goal.

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Your “state of being” thought resonated, Liz. The first word that came to mind was “freedom” – freedom to explore what is possible, freedom from fear to face uncertainty, the freedom to chose our responses. And these three freedoms all relate to state of being. A few weeks ago, Sarah and I were discussing Victor Frank’s Man’s Search for Meaning and our freedom/power to choose.

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” Viktor E. Frankl

I confess that I need some more work on how to remember there is a space.

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I am thankful that I could be a part of this conversation. I see dreams in various forms, views of reality, really!! And, when one has a dream sometime in the middle of the night, it seems very real, even when we awaken, It has a sense of reality and we are able to actually translate the experience into our living thoughts and actions. I think of our nightly dreams and many of them we often would like to transform into real live experiences.. I believe a real valuable part of our lives is being able to put our hopes, desires and dreams into real life.

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I enjoyed listening to all three of you discuss living the dream, a subject dear to my heart. Without dreams, there would be no hope. And hope is what keeps us going. I agree with your mom, dreams can be good but they can also be not so good. There are dreams that turn into nightmares, which has been the case with some pop stars for instance. I always say it is important to follow your dreams but to also keep both feet on the ground. Thanks for this lovely discussion.

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Thank you for listening in, Darlene and for adding your profound insights to this conversation. I am with you on the idea of keeping both feet on the ground. Feet on ground allows us to explore possibilities, to consider pros and cons, to envision outcomes before rushing headlong into the unknown. We will meet the unknown, but having feet on the ground is an excellent safety net and a place to pivot when necessary.

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