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Season 4 Episode 37: H.S. Eglund on the Sun and Solar Energy

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HS Eglund, Writer, Publicist

I am travelling virtually over 7900 kilometers to Berlin, Germany to meet up with my friend, Eglund, journalist and writer, to discuss the sun and the energy that comes from the sun. Eglund believes that the topic of solar energy should not be reduced to the technical side of solar cells.  Humanity has had and continues to have a connection to the sun throughout history.

Eglund is an engineer and publicist. He worked as a science journalist and reporter in Africa for several German newspapers.  Since 2005, his focus has been on the environmental initiatives. As a specialist journalist for renewable energies, he works within media related to the ecological energy transition, first of all about solar energy.

I invite you to put the kettle on and add to this exciting conversation on Tea Toast & Trivia.

Thank you Eglund, for sharing your insights and latest developments in solar energy.  It is heartening to know that we can all make a difference.

Dear listeners, thank you for joining Eglund and me on Tea Toast & Trivia.  Stay tuned for Eglund’s return for another stimulating conversation.

Until next time, safe travels wherever your adventures lead you.

H.S. Eglund on the Sun and Solar Energy Tea. Toast. & Trivia.

By Rebecca Budd

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Eloquent conversation! A compelling mix of science and philosophy. Among the highlights for me was the wonderful mention of birds greeting the sun in the morning, and the very educational discussion of the various aspects of solar energy — including solar panels that can be tiny or huge.

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I am delighted that you listened in and enjoyed this conversation, Dave. Birds greeting the son in the morning resonated with my experience as well. When worry caused me a sleepless night, the coming of the sunrise infused a within me a sense of hope and resilience. I felt the energy of the sun. As Eglund says, we have more work to be done in the area of solar power, but I am encouraged that we have made an excellent beginning.

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Thank you, Rebecca and Eglund for the exciting, interesting, fascinating and very scholarly article! ! I feel that I have listened in a
corner of a University lecture room to a specialist beginning with facts relating to our sun and universe. I find that your beginning with facts about the sun is significant, I got our my Bible to find that the beginning chapters about earth’s creation begins with the sun. Your excellent remark about us being “children of the sun” (and also our children) is remarkable. Sunrise is a sign of a new beginning, the birds celebrate with their song and the animals begin their day with a new wave of energy! There is no life in the darkness! ! The two lights, the moon and the sun are important in all cultures! ! Thanks for your interesting comments! Modern science has given us more information–how big is the sun, how far away is it, the rising of the sun in the morning gives additional research information. The last portion of this article deserves study and time, I have decided to keep it near to listen to the two of you discuss scientific facts that I will have to take time to digest. Thank you, sincerely, for this valuable and scientific information! I will eagerly await your next podcast! !

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It was lovely to hear Eglund speaking so optimistically about solar energy. My first encounter with a solar panel was in Nepal in 1991. It was a huge panel but it kept our water beautifully hot. I decided then and there I would have solar panels when I owned my own house. That didn’t happen until about 2005.

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My husband and I listened to this conversation in the car today. We both found it fascinating and engaging. Eglund’s passion, enthusiasm, optimism for all things sun-related, including solar power, were a delight. I hope his vision comes to fruition. In our jaunts around northern New Hampshire and Vermont, we’re seeing a number of solar farms, including one on Poor Farm Road in Sheldon, Vermont. (It’s still a dirt road.) That was unexpected!

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The question – will solar energy/power become ubiquitous, seems to be leaning to the “yes” side as more investors and consumers have come to believe that addressing climate change is an urgent priority. What I most appreciated was when Eglund said that the sun belonged to everyone. I am delighted that you and your husband enjoyed this conversation. Thank you for your continued support and encouragement of these conversations. It means a great deal to me.

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Hi Rebecca, this was a most interesting discussion about solar power. In SA, we obviously have lots of sun so this should be a no-brainer, but it is very expensive. Also, the government issued solar geysers don’t have batteries so the water is cold on rainy or cloudy days. We are looking at going off-grid because of SA’s huge power issue. It is a massive financial investment. PS I listened to this podcast on Saturday, but WP still won’t let me comment from my iphone – grrrr!

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I am delighted that you enjoyed the conversation on solar energy, Robbie. As Eglund said, their is much more work to be done. The initial cost is high and must be overcome to ensure that all receive the benefit from a low cost source of energy. I would be very interested on your thoughts about “going off-grid.” Have I told you that I love our conversations!!?

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I almost missed this episode, Rebecca. I’m glad I looked back. Eglund reminds us of how the sun brings life to the surface. I love hearing the birds in the morning, and seeing the animals scurrying around.

I always enjoy listening to someone who understands the science, but also understands the human side of the equation. It’s a complete understanding of a phenomenon.

Thank you for bringing Eglund to talk to us.

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I am delighted that you listened in and joined the conversation, Dan. When I first approached Eglund with the idea of talking about solar energy, he offered a broader perspective of our connection with the sun – that we are children of the sun. After a sleepless night of worry, I would see the sunrise, hear the morning chorus, and feel the energy drain all the angst from my thoughts. A new day had come.

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