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Season 4 Episode 20: Dave Astor on Misty’s Adventures

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I would like to see anyone, prophet, king or God, convince a thousand cats to do the same thing at the same time.”  

Neil Gaiman

Cats are mysterious creatures that charm us with their antics and comfort us with their soft purring.  I read that petting a cat helps us to meditate and causes a release of oxytocin, which has been found to increase our emotional perception. But do we truly understand them?  They retain remarkable control over their lives, coming and going as their please.  There are many books that will help you connect with cats, some promising techniques to train cats, even to learn cat language.

But I have another source of expertise. Today, I am republishing Misty’s Adventures on Tea Toast & Trivia. Dave Astor and Misty are a dynamic duo. Together, they provide insight on the strong and vibrant relationship humans have with these amazing creatures.

Misty (Photo Credit: Dave Astor)

What greater gift than the love of a cat.” Charles Dickens

Dave Astor and I are once again bridging the 3,923 kilometers between New Jersey and Vancouver to bring you the first podcast in the Misty series.  Every morning, without fail, my mother, Frances, and I meet up via Facebook with Misty and Dave on their adventures. This morning, when we went into the woods, Misty advised that he thought that theatrical productions may be coming back. Misty is a futurist, making brilliant predictions about the future based on current trends.

Misty (Photo Credit: Dave Astor)

Following Misty is not for the faint of heart.  You will walk on fences, jump from opens grates, run across the grass, meet up with deer, and trudge through the snow.  Misty reminds me that living in the now, embracing the power of being present creates a sense of well-being and of being whole. 

I am thrilled that Dave has graciously agreed to share Misty’s remarkable story.

Misty (Photo Credit: Dave Astor)

This is your invitation to put the kettle on and add to the conversation.  We would love to hear your thoughts on Tea Toast & Trivia.

Misty (Photo Credit: Dave Astor)
Photos and Videos by Dave Astor

Thank you for joining Dave, Misty, and me on Tea Toast & Trivia. Thank you, Dave and Misty, for sharing your stories. 

My daily walks with Misty and Dave continue to inspire me. Misty’s wisdom and Dave’s humour is a compelling combination.  You can connect with Dave on Dave Astor on Literature.   There is always an adventure in reading and excellent conversations waiting for your arrival on his blog.

Until next time we meet, dear friends, keep safe and be well.

Dave Astor on Misty’s Adventures Tea. Toast. & Trivia.

By Rebecca Budd

Blogger, Visual Storyteller, Podcaster, Traveler and Life-long Learner

58 replies on “Season 4 Episode 20: Dave Astor on Misty’s Adventures”

It was so good to listen to the conversation with Dave and Misty. I love trying to imagine what our pets are thinking. Our relationship with them is definitely more than “owning a pet.” We take care of them. In exchange, they love us, and it works so well. I am always amazed when they appear and bump us or rub up against us at just the right moment. It’s like they know something we don’t, and they share it when necessary.

I hope you, Rebecca, Dave and Misty all have a wonderful week.

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Thank you, Dan, for your eloquent and heartwarming thoughts about our super-intelligent pets and their relationships with us humans. That bond is indeed incredibly profound and beautiful. Hope you have a great week, too!

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Thank you for listening in, Dan! Your comments and visit are very much appreciated. I agree, our relationship with our four-legged friends is definitely more than owning a pet. Our connection to animals have prompted me to look into “Friendship Companions” for seniors with Alzheimer’s or dementia. Or people who are unable to care for an animal. These are robotic (ai) cats that give comfort and respond to loneliness especially during the Covid 19 lockdowns. It is a very interesting subject that will be more relevant as technology advances.

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Our cats are older, and a bit needy, but it feels good to help them. I joke about MuMu always wanting to be brushed, but she enjoys it so much, and it’s a little thing. It feels good to do it for her.

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Misty sincerely thanks you, Rebecca, for republishing this podcast! You did a wonderful job with it, and the video you and Don assembled from my raw photo and video materials is fabulous (including the music). Oh, and Misty hopes podcasts will eventually be called podcats. 🙂

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Oh, now that would be a great name for a podcast – Misty’s podcats featuring interviews with Spot from Star Trek, Thomas O’Malley from the AristoCats, Tigger from Winnie the Pooh, the infamous Garfield and the Cat in the Hat. Meow, meow and more meow stellar reviews.

Thank you again, Dave for your support and encouragement of TTT conversations from the very beginning.

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Ha, Rebecca! 🙂 Misty would be happy to interview every character you mentioned — with perhaps Garfield and The Cat in the Hat as joint guests to discuss the differences of life as a wide or narrow feline. 🙂

And thank YOU for your must-listen-to podcasts each week!

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It was lovely to meet Misty and listen to your conversation, Dave and Rebecca. Misty is a lucky cat to have such a caring owner… I mean, servant. I’ve had cat companions all my life. They are such a joy, aren’t they?

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I am fascinated by the different personalities that our feline friends display. Even more interesting is how they let us know what they like and don’t like. They have very clear communication techniques to notify us of their preferences. Thank you so much for listening in, Chris. Your visit and comments are very much appreciated.

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Hello, Misty, so good to see you on this podcast! ! We are actually old friends and I am glad that you have consented to be on this special conversation! I do not know about you, Misty, but I feel that we have a conversation every morning. I like to follow you as you take your walks around the yard, though the green grass and under the bushes! And, I held my breath as you carefully chose your steps as you walked on top of the fence. I like your leash, it is special, but I actually liked your red the best–the one from a while back, And, you are fortunate, as I am, to live in a nice room with a comfortable bed. Thank you for your visit every morning, I look forward to it.
Thank you, Dave, for your faithful Misty Podcast, It is very original and clever and I look forward to each one every day. This takes time for the photos and the messages–and this takes precious time out of your busy day. Thank you, thank you! ! We will have further conversations on the ones that follow. Take care! !

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I share you enjoyment of Misty’s Adventures, Frances. I knew that you would enjoy this conversation. Dave and Misty are an unforgettable duo. They add joy to our days, don’t they!?

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Thanks so much, Frances, for your very kind words, for faithfully following Misty’s adventures each day, and for your wonderful comments each day under a new video! 🙂 Greatly, greatly appreciated. 🙂 Walking and filming Misty is a “labor” of love for me — I’m so happy to see him enjoying himself outdoors every morning.

I loved the red leash/harness, too, but I haven’t been able to find a new one that color in Misty’s size. Hence the black leash/harness, which is kind of classy-looking but doesn’t have quite the appeal of the red.

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Thank you, Dave, for introducing the amazing Misty to me. I enjoy meeting him every morning and look forward to all that he has to offer. I appreciate all that you do everyday to make Mistry real and for his contribution, which is certainly, thanks to you! Thank you! !

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HI Rebecca, Hi Dave, what fun to listen to this chat about Misty. I am one of the people who enjoys Misty’s daily walk and talk on Dave’s Facebook page. I did know Misty suffered from asthma, but I don’t know of this condition in other cats. My son, Michael, also has bad asthma so I know how scary it can be for the sufferer and the family. I hope you both have a lovely weekend.

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Thank you, Robbie! 🙂

We also didn’t know that cats could have asthma until Misty’s breathing problems started. Fortunately the twice-a-day inhaler works like a charm and his condition is now very controlled. I hope that’s also the case with your son Michael. Very sorry he has had to deal with asthma.

Thank you for being a fan of Misty’s daily Facebook videos, and have a wonderful weekend, too!

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Hi Dave, Michael is doing much better after last year’s catastrophe when he pulled the anesthetic pipe out during an operation and stopped breathing. The operation and new treatment programme have at least been successful which makes the whole awful experience worthwhile.

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I prrremember this prrrodmeowst.
It’s up in …hack…hack …fur ball… my top ten.
It’s quite an amewsing conmewsation.
My cats, Jeep and Johnny send an XL sack of Johnny’s fur to Misty.
Let me know if Misty needs merrrower.
We have plenty.
Of course, Dave is a purrrfect cat father.
J&J are conperrnewsed about Misty’s asthma.
J&J’s advice to Misty; Always lay on freshly laundered items. The fur comes out easier that way.
{{hugs to both of you!}}

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Thank you, Resa! Loved the comment! Including the advice for Misty to always lay on freshly laundered items. 😂 I have a feeling Jeep and Johnny gave your words and wordplay “eight paws up”!

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