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Season 4 Episode 3: Carol Taylor on Tasting Life and Celebrating Food

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I am your host Rebecca Budd, and I am looking forward to sharing this moment with you.  

Carol Taylor

I am delighted and thrilled that my friend and food blogger, Carol Taylor and I are connecting Thailand and Canada to discuss food, travel, and celebrations.

Carol is an amazing food blogger who shares authentic recipes and tips on how to shop local for fresh, natural ingredients.  As a strong advocate for our environment, Carol believes that we can all make a difference.  She says that change starts with us – from within ourselves and our homes.

I invite you to put the kettle on and add to this exciting conversation on Tea Toast & Trivia.

Thank you for joining Carol and me on Tea Toast & Trivia.

And a special thank you, Carol, for sharing your love food, celebration, community, and the environment.   You have inspired me, and I know that you have inspired others to head back into the kitchen, to enjoy the goodness of food, and to take care of our world, our home.

I invite you to meet up with Carol on her blog:  Retired? No one told me! It is a place that welcomes us to share a meal, taste life, and live respectfully with the environment.

Until next time, dear friends, keep safe, be well.

Carol Taylor on Tasting Life and Celebrating Food Tea. Toast. & Trivia.

By Rebecca Budd

Blogger, Visual Storyteller, Podcaster, Traveler and Life-long Learner

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You are a splendid guest, Carol!! Don and I have so much fun meeting up with you and looking forward to a return conversation. You have amazing posts that inspire me to head back into the kitchen!! Many hugs!

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Thank you, Carol, for your interesting words about food and all that you have learned about its preparation. I appreciated your mention of retirement and how it gives more time for you to dedicate to learning about foods and the multiple ways of preparing them. You have a good early background of farm life, a valuable place to learn about the growing of many of our vegetables. I also grew up on a farm, so I can relate. I have always thought that research has to be well planned and organized, but when I heard you say that your research is “any which way I can”, I took on new courage! Your words about home cooking is encouraging. Perhaps that early experience of gardening brings garden produce to reality. More economical, for sure! I appreciate the reference to food preparation and the effect it has on the environment. I found the “slow cooker” a great help in this area! ! And, or course, it gives time for the cook to do other things while it is preparing the meal. Thank you for the words about travel and foods of other places. This has been an exciting read, thank you Rebecca and Carol, I so appreciate your time and words, this has been educational! !

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I knew you would love this conversation, Frances. When we lived in Northern Manitoba, you had a wonderful way of creating amazing “food memories.” Do you remember when cheese fondue was so popular and you had our kitchen filled with people looking forward dip their bread into that delicious cheese fondue!!

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My favouite was chocolate fondue. I found a 2018 article from the Guardian that said that Cheese fondue was making a comeback from the 1970’s according to Oxford University researchers. What I found interesting was that “In the 1930s, fondue became the national Swiss dish and was championed by the Swiss Cheese Union as part of a campaign for the “spiritual defence of Switzerland.”

There is always as story behind a story, behind another story.

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I am delighted that you listened in, Marina. Isn’t it interesting that travel and food have always had a wonderful connection. Carol has encouraged me to take out my crockpot from the back of the cupboard and make 2022 the Year of the Crockpot! Sending hugs!!

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Oh Tiffany – we have so many conversations that are waiting for us. I know you will enjoy following Carol. I have my Crockpot out of the back of the cupboard. 2022 will be the year of living with my Crockpot.

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I am sitting and listening as I type. So nice to see my friend Carol in the spotlight and get to hear her speak! Carol and I would do well together, always asking questions. My husband used to chuckle when he’d hear me in an inquisition and say that I ask a lot of questions. I’d smile and tell him – that’s how come I’m so smart. LOL Hugs to both xox

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Debby – you and Carol are the most amazing duo. Energy and enthusiasm personified. Many thanks for listening in and being a marvelous support of these conversation. Sending hugs and more hugs across the miles.

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A very inspiring and very educational podcast, Rebecca and Carol! Carol, your adventurousness, open-mindedness, use of local ingredients, regard for the environment, respect for indigenous knowledge, and more are admirable and impressive.

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Thank you, Dave, for listening to the podcast…I am adventurous always have been with food and even more so now I do believe food and the environment go hand in hand plus my grandad was a farmer and knew so much which is probably why I feel that the indigenous people have the same experience and knowledge learnt through the years and passed down through the generations we shouldn’t lose all that knowledge …

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What an informative conversation. Talking about food is as much fun as talking about books! I wish I’d been a crock pot mom when my children were all at home; what a marvelous idea–oatmeal and meals throughout the day to accommodate everyone’s schedule. Fortunately, one of my daughters is quite skilled at this now. I’ve missed out on so many of the integrated activities of shopping, travel, chatting–although I did garden–that this broadcast was simply a pleasure to hear. Thank you!

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I agree, Mary Jo. Food and books, tea and books, coffee and books – so many things go with books. When I look back, food is pivotal in my memories. When I was growing up, we always had breakfast and dinner together. My father loved cornmeal mush and I still remember how milk, brown sugar, and cornmeal tasteed – delicious. Then in the evening, Frances would create dinner from the cornmeal leftovers. Carol has inspired me to use my Crockpot. I just found a Crockpot recipe for Cornmeal mush. These days, shopping is a radically different experience, isn’t it? We have more restrictions and only go grocery shopping weekly. Shopping is more planned and strategic. Many thanks for listening in Mary Jo! Sending hugs!

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Thank you so much …I’m happy you agree it is fun there is nothing better than sharing the cooking and eating of food I think if more people did so there would be less stress in the world and people bond over cooking and eating together…I am happy to hear that one of daughters is skilled at that it is lovely 🙂

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HI Rebecca and Carol, this is a splendid interview. I enjoyed Carol’s story about the older lady driving the tube. Carol has a lovely blog and I try to get there as much as possible. I am also a big cook from scratch person and have learned a lot from Carol. A fantastic interview.

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I am convinced that South Africa has more hours than Canada, Robbie. I don’t know how you accomplish so much in the same 24 hours that I have. I agree – Carol is an inspiration. Her thoughts on farming and listening to Indigenous peoples resonated. I am now beginning the year with a Crockpot and #WarAndPeace2022. What an adventure!!!

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I enjoyed listening to Carol speak about cooking, markets etc. I love her blog and have followed it from the start. I’ve picked up some great tips and recipes and shared a few of my own. I completely agree that when we travel we should eat what the locals eat. I even include some of the local food in my Amanda travels novels for that reason.

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I am delighted you listed in, Darlene. I have the crockpot on my counter for easy access. Carol reminds me that food and good cheer add so much to our daily lives. As Julie Child once said, “People who love to eat are always the best people.” I LOVE to eat!! Looking forward to the next Amanda adventure.

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