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Season 2 Episode 60: Brian on Music & Celebration

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Brian on Music and Celebration

I am heading over the Canadian Rockies to St. Albert, Alberta.

Brian, my brother, has come back to continue the conversation on embracing a greater journey.  In our last two podcasts together, we discussed the stages of life, from childhood to old age and then the idea of FOMO or fear of missing out.

As we enter December, the month of festivities, many of us will not be going home for Christmas in the usual way.  We will be joining family and friends through virtual channels to celebrate and connect. 

Today, Brian and I will be discussing the relationship between music and celebration.   Music has always been integral to memorable events. When we remember important moments in our life, we remember music.   On wedding anniversaries, couples may recall the first song that brought them together.  At graduation, music of pomp and ceremony play as graduates cross the stage.  Birthday parties, retirement events –  and the list goes on.

So put the kettle on and add to the conversation and in the singing on I am your host, Rebecca Budd, and I am looking forward to sharing this moment with you.

Thank you for joining Brian and me in this conversation. And thank you, Brian, for sharing your love of music with us.

All the best coming from our house and Brian’s house to yours during this festive month . May you feel the presence of kindred spirits in your homes and hearts. 

Until next time dear friends, be safe and be well. 

Brian on Music and Celebration Tea. Toast. & Trivia.

By Rebecca Budd

Blogger, Visual Storyteller, Podcaster, Traveler and Life-long Learner

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That was a wonderful interview, Rebecca. Music leaves such lasting impressions for whatever it is used for and how ever one experiences it. Brian has a beautiful voice and wonderful sound playing his guitar. I can’t sing, but I especially can’t sing and play guitar at the same time. Brian is fantastic at both. And your singing was excellent and fun to listen to, also. Happy holidays as much as they are holidays and whatever happiness you can get out of this year. Thank you and Brian for this wonderful episode. I really enjoyed it.

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I just shared your heartwarming comments with Brian who just sent me back a text relaying his thanks to you. I admire musicians and am looking forward to connecting with you in 2021 to discuss how music adds meaning to our lives. We are on a grand adventure. (P.S. I can’t sing either, but I certainly can make a joyful noise!!!)

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Thank you Robbie for listening in and for your heartwarming comments. Brian is my youngest brother, but many times I think that he is the wisest. His philosophical and humorous approach to life is a source of inspiration for me and my sister and other brother. My father loved the guitar and harmonica, so I was pleased to learn that Brian is thinking of taking up the harmonica. I am delighted that you listened in and am grateful that 2020 brought us together. I have a wonderful feeling that more adventure are coming our way in 2021.

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It is wonderful that you all have a sibling who inspires you. My father also plays the harmonica, not very often now, but he played a bit when we were younger. My youngest plays the drums and Greg played the piano for 10 years. I love music. I am sure 2021 will be a great and adventurous year.

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What a gift to listen to Brian’s rendition of this song! Absolutely beautiful! I enjoyed this post so much as I am one who loves to sing in the shower! I love music and at the age of fifty took some piano lessons. Listening to this, I am tempted to try it again…I do sing quietly in church and much louder if I am alone in my house! It is a shame that people do not think they are ‘good enough’ to sing in a public setting. Singing is such a thing of joy!

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You must take those piano lessons! I would love to hear about your progress in the coming months. My mother, Frances, began teaching me at a young age, and I had music as a major in university, but life and career sidelined my music until much later. Now, my fingers don’t have the dexterity or the strength of youth, but I feel the joy of placing a finger on a note and hearing the sound resonate in the air. I am delighted that you listened in, Linda, and I’m grateful that 2020 brought us together. I’m looking forward to our ongoing discussions – and singing – in a new year of possibilities. Sending hugs!

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Brian is our “family philosopher” and humorist. We have had great conversations over the years and I am thrilled that he shares his insights on his love of music. I remember attending his high school graduation where he played the trombone in the jazz band. Brian reminds me that even in our busy days, we must find time for creative endeavour or better yet, consider every thing we do as creative. Thank you Paul, for listening in and for your heartwarming comments.

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What a precious gift to all of us. Brian’s singing and playing brought tears to my eyes; the words are so meaningful today. Your song, which I must find now, was so sweet especially with the story which accompanied it. Thank you always for sharing your family with us. Who knew that all those years ago when you scratched up your Christmas album the impact it would have on your love of music or that you’d be sharing that story with us. Nothing is as rewarding as a parent providing a little record player and a few children’s albums and seeing that love instilled in them for generations to come. So many hugs to you and yours, Rebecca! Merry Christmas!

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What a truly heartwarming comment, Mary Jo. I just sent your message to Brian and had a response that said you just made his day (he is not on WordPress, but I’m working on it!!!) Thank you for being part of our family and for sharing the joy and hope of this festive season. I’ve been looking into the background of “I heard the Bells” – it has become even more meaningful for me. Looking back, I find it fascinating that seemingly unimportant events or conversations are transformative and pivotal in later life. Merry Christmas, Mary Jo! Looking forward to entering 2021 together. The adventures continue. Hugs and more hugs coming along with my love!!

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This is a truly lovely, beautiful sound and really meaningful. Brian is truly gifted and his singing and comments are always good and uplifting. I, of course, have listened to this more than once and will be listening again and again, really!!! Thank you both for sharing this really lovely post, an important Christmas gift to me.

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I am delighted that you joined us in singing, Klausbernd. We heard your voice through the WIFI! The history of Christmas Carols is fascinating – so many stories held safe in the folds of time. It really is a history treasure hunt. Love and hugs coming back to my dear friends, the Fab Four of Cley


After he did the dishes tonight, my husband pulled up Tea, Toast & Trivia on the Roku TV with the big speaker for more resonant sound. Look, we can listen to it here! said he. So, we did.

I got a big kick out of the story of the scratched-up Christmas record with “All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth.” My dad was wont to sing that song whenever my brother and I lost a tooth (regardless of which one it was!).

I love Brian’s comments on music being communication not performance. It immedately brought to mind the debate when Whitney Houston covered Dolly Parton’s “I Will Always Love You.” I agreed with the view that Parton’s version communicates genuine love and regret, while Houston’s version is verbal pyrotechnics.

My husband and I enjoyed listening to Brian singing “I Heard the Bells on Christmas on Christmas Day.” The guitar came through the big speaker very nicely!

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Thank you Liz for your heartwarming comments. Our home was always filled with music. My father loved the Carter Family and my mother loved Bach and Beethoven. And then there were the church cantatas and choirs. What I love most about music is that it ties us to events and people. When I was in college, one Christmas dinner was served to The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy. I noticed that we all started to eat faster and faster to keep up with the music. Then someone finally decided that Silent Night was more appropriate. There was a huge sigh of relief over the room. Brian, the youngest of my siblings, is our family philosopher and humorist – I love our conversations. Thank you for listening in on the Roku TV – Don really appreciates your feedback on the sound quality. Looking forward to our many conversations in 2021. I hope you will read more of your poetry on TTT. Sending hugs and our wishes for the very very best of this festive season to you and yours.

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