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Season 2 Episode 46: The Trio on Milestones

Welcome to Tea, Toast and Trivia.

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I am joined by my mother, Frances, and my sister, Sarah, to share our thoughts on milestones.  What are they?  When to they occur?  How do we remember and celebrate these pivotal moments?

So put the kettle on and add to the conversation.  We would love to hear your thoughts on

I am your host Rebecca Budd and I am looking forward to sharing this moment with you.

Remember to celebrate milestones as you prepare for the road ahead.”    

Nelson Mandela

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By Rebecca Budd

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18 replies on “Season 2 Episode 46: The Trio on Milestones”

I don’t think there’s ever been a podcast with the Trio when I didn’t smile, laugh out loud, or chuckle throughout. Even when some subjects turn very serious, my heart swells with shared emotions. You each contributed somewhat different perspectives on the topic milestones which combined wonderfully. Some are expected, some are purposeful, and some are surprises. Whether positive or negative in nature, our attitude toward them makes all the difference as we encounter and pass by those milestones. Thank you, lovely Trio, for sharing your warmth and yourselves with us.

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And thank you my dear friend, for joining our trio to make a quartet. We enjoy your thoughtful comments. I have been fascinated by how milestones influence our lives. For me, what was a surprise about this conversation was that each of us had a different understanding of milestones. Even more surprising, was that our definitions were slightly different. I really appreciate Sarah and Frances’s willingness to take on a topic that I give only a few minutes for them to consider. I think spontaneity creates interesting outcomes. Thank you for your support and encouragement, Mary Jo! Hugs and more hugs.

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It’s always such a pleasure to listen to the three of you – I loved joining you all with my cup of tea this morning! I am currently dipping in and out of Pema Chodron’s book Welcoming The Unwelcome which picks up on many of the issues you all touch on – might be worth a look! X

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It is definitely worth a look. I have just found “Welcoming the Unwelcome” on Audible. And the reader is Claire Foy, who has an amazing voice. I loved her as Anne Boleyn and as Queen Elizabeth II in the first two seasons of Netflix series, “The Crown.” So glad you enjoyed the podcast. We have fun together. I think we are considering talking about cursive handwriting next. I am losing the art of cursive writing as I type these comments. Hugs!!

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What an excellent find, thank you! I agree that Claire Foy is a brilliant actress. An audible credit well spent!! And how fascinating to be thinking about handwriting. It’s an art form that has been making a big come back in recent times.

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Of course I love the Nelson Mandela quote. He was a wise man. I so enjoyed your conversation on milestones. I also think that they should definitely be celebrated in a very positive way. Rebecca, you’re so correct about some milestones coming to us unbidden. Francis reminded me of my darling mom and mom-in-law when they lost their husbands. They also dug deep into their courage supply and carried on with their lives with great strength of will. Well done to the three of you and happy milestone birthday to Sarah. 🙂

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Oh, Sylvia, how very well said. I have come to believe that all experiences and events that we encounter in our lives allow us to build resilience and courage to move forward in the aging process. When I was contemplating a transition I happened across Mary Catherine Bateson’s book, “Composing a Further Life: The Age of Active Wisdom.” It was a catchy title and I loved the idea of coming into wisdom with age, even if I was just a tiny bit skeptical. I remember reading these words and reflecting on how we bring all that we have seen, learned, experienced to the moment in which we find ourselves. “… as we age we have not only to readdress earlier developmental crises but also somehow to find the way to three affirmations that may seem to conflict. … We have to affirm our own life. We have to affirm our own death. And we have to affirm love, both given and received.” Aging is a gift that allows us to continue exploring and discovery. Our mothers and mother-in-laws, our grandmothers…they have shown the way. They have given us big shoes to fill and I’m trying to grow my feet! 👣👣👣👠👠👠🤗🤗🤗

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