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Season 2 Episode 40: Patricia Sands on Telling Your Story

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Thank you for listening in.

“Become a possibilitarian. No matter how dark things seem to be or actually are, raise your sights and see possibilities — always see them, for they’re always there.” Norman Vincent Peale

“Sixty-two-year-old Arianna arrives in the South of France for a two-week artists’ workshop full of anticipation but burdened by guilt. Back home in Toronto, she has been living with the devastating diagnosis of her husband’s dementia and the heartbreak of watching the man she has loved for decades slip away before her eyes. What does her future hold without Ben? Before her is a blank canvas.”

Drawing Lessons, Patricia Sands

Transitions, art, and France are all found in my current read, “Drawing Lessons.”

I am delighted and thrilled that the brilliant storyteller, Patricia Sands, the author of Drawing Lessons is joining us today and bridging the distance of 3,364 km between Vancouver and Toronto.

We are celebrating the 10th anniversary of Patricia’s first book, “The Bridge Club,” which was published in 2010.  Based loosely on her bridge club, the story weaves the reader through a maze of life’s inevitable scenarios.

So, put the kettle on and add to this exciting conversation.

I am your host Rebecca Budd and I am looking forward to sharing this moment with you.

Exiting news for Book Clubs. Patricia has an open invitation to get together in someone’s home to talk about her books via Zoom, phone, or FaceTime!  Choose one of Patricia’s novels, decide on a date and time, and have someone from your group email Patricia at or message her through Facebook or Instagram @patricialsands.

A special thank you, Patricia, for this extraordinary conversation. I am delighted that we have connected.

Until next time, dear friends, keep safe and be well. And remember you are only an internet click away from Patricia and the South of France on

Antibes, Photo Credit Patricia Sands (Instagram)

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By Rebecca Budd

Blogger, Visual Storyteller, Podcaster, Traveler and Life-long Learner

13 replies on “Season 2 Episode 40: Patricia Sands on Telling Your Story”

I enjoyed this very much, Joan & TT&T. It is always a real treat to listen to people speak about their creative journey, the development of their art form; the careful translation of the rise of the innermost to the surface.
However, I must say that I found your application of jam and then cream to your scone somewhat controversial! 🙂

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I laughed out loud when I read your comment about the scone “issue.” I never knew there was a controversy on how to apply jam and cream on a scone. I am going to do a mini research on this situation and report back. I am delighted that you stopped by and joined the conversation. I am enjoying following your blog and am looking forward to our ongoing conversation. Have a wonderful day. Thank you for making mine extra special. Take care.

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Yes, Scone-gate!
I am originally from Dorset (an anagram of sorteD: trivia ed.) and it was beaten into us at school – cream first, jam later!

The therapy has helped somewhat over time.

A good day to you, too.

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Another inspiring and heartwarming podcast, Rebecca! What a joy to hear a writer tell of her experiences. Patricia is kind and generous enough to ‘meet’ with her readers and share so much that has meaning for their lives. And she’s right, you have all the same wonderful attributes. Hugs!!

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Thank you for your heartwarming comments, Mary Jo. I am grateful for all those marvelous creatives – writers, poets, artists, musicians and so many more that give meaning to our lives. Patricia inspired me to become a “possibilitarian” – there are many opportunities for exploration that come to us throughout our lifetime. Always an adventure….

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Another enjoyable Tea, Toast & Trivia! I enjoyed listening to Patricia talk about her development as a writer and how she was able to successfully publish and develop an audience. I particularly appreciated her comments about aging and how she is celebrating older woman in her novels.

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Patricia has a wonderful way of reminding readers that life is always an adventure, that change and loss is part of life, that courage is found in unlikely places. I am so glad that you listened in, Liz.

There are so many avenues to explore in writing. I was thinking about the process of writing the other day. We all write, whether in an e-mail, a grocery list, in day planners, in diaries. The complexities involved in writing are mostly overlooked, simply because we take it for granted. We are conveying a message from our mind onto paper, to be read and/or given to another person. It truly is remarkable. Without some form of writing, all stories and knowledge gained in one generation, would never be fully retained for the next…. But I digress!

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Your digression is apropos for me, Rebecca, as I worked all day today on developing the editing module for the writing process course I’m working on. Talk about complexities involved just with word choice!

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Thank you for this another inspiring story. Yes, another proof that we can write and we just need to keep on trying and not give up. Sometimes it is hard to believe in our endeavors and gifts. I am sure there are others who experience the same feelings–singers, pianists, dancers, inventors and on and on. We need to keep on our journeys, believing that we can succeed!.

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I love how you said “we nodded to keep on our journeys, believe that we can succeed.” I would add believing that what we do is important, necessary and life-affirming. Always enjoy our visits, Frances.

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