Season 2 Episode 32: Jean-Jacques Fournier The Poetry of Crows & Ravens

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Jean-Jacques Fournier

I am delighted and thrilled that my dear friend and poet; Jean-Jacques Fournier is with me today to speak about crows, and ravens within his poetry.

As background, ravens and crows are embedded within our mythologies from ancient times. In Greek mythology the crow was a symbol of Apollo in his role as god of prophecy. In Norse mythology, Odin is portrayed by a raven.  In Celtic mythology, Morrighan, the warrior goddess appears in the form of a crow or raven. Crows and ravens have been envisioned as a mediator animal between life and death.  They have been known as tricksters and mischief makers.  

Jean-Jacques has great insight into these magnificent creatures.

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So put the kettle on and add to this exciting discussion, on Tea Toast & Trivia.

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  1. A very dear friend you are, and lest we forget ‘The Hostess With The Mostess’ to say the least, for having conceived and hosting this, your marvelous Tea Toast & Trivia. Thus so and of course all the more for inviting me to spend a most enjoyable time on the subject of poetry and our mutual penchant for those magnificent Ravens and Crows. I’ve just finished listening to us again, and “absolutely” concur with the recent mention of you being “the very talented host of TT&T. What a treat to have been given the pleasure of being your guest, in such a relaxed and easygoing style of conversation. Thankful I am indeed, Lady Budd, for having invited me…! Et à bientôt, chère Rebecca.

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    1. Thank you so much for graciously accepting my invitation to tea. Our conversations awaken me to the breadth and depth of poetry – how words give voice to humanity’s longing for understanding and acceptance. Embracing the amazing creatures that share our world is essential. Your poetry allows us to see the world from the high vantage point of crows and ravens in flight. And in so doing, we recognize kindred spirits and fellow travelers. Sending many many thanks for sharing your poetry.

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  2. I enjoyed the conversation about crows and of course Jean-Jacques’ reading of his poem. Are you familiar with the Australian blog, Reflections of an Untidy Mind? For the past several weeks, this blog has featured a Corvid challenge. I was wondering if Jean-Jacque’s comments about the young woman with the crow who said “Hello” were about a video that was featured. What I learned about Corvid behavior and intelligence was just fascinating!

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    1. What a wonderful blog – fabulous photos of corvids! Another example of how creativity is bringing together a virtual community. Thank you for the introduction. Here is the video that shows a raven talking – I smile every time I listen to it!!:

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  3. My fave part was the JEAN-JACQUES recitation. It’s always great to hear his voice and his poetry.
    Thank you to both of you!

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    1. I agree, Resa. Jean-Jacques voice brings out the full measure of his words, his deep resonance adds layers of meaning within his message. So glad that you listened in.

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      1. Me too! His voice is excellent for reading/reciting. So is yours.
        I wonder if there is a poem that would suit your voices together…. like Sonny and Cher … sorta, but poetry…. Rebecca and Jean-Jacques?

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