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Season 2 Episode 29: Sylvia on the Joy of Music

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Another Day in Paradise with Sylvia (Photo Credit Sylvia)

Today, I am delighted that Sylvia, a remarkable blogger and dear friend, has come back on Tea Toast & Trivia. We are once again bridging the 4,245 kilometres, as the crow flies, between Florida and British Columbia

I have followed Sylvia’s blog, Another Day In Paradise, for many years.  And the name says it all. Sylvia has created a place that welcomes and encourages life-affirming conversations. In our last podcast conversation in February,  Sylvia and I thought to explore the idea of travelling. Sylvia has travelled extensively, visiting forty countries, and embarking on two round-the-world trips.

And then the world changed. Who would have known that the entire world would enter a period of solitude?

In a recent blog post, Sylvia wrote, “Wishing you all a peaceful Wednesday. Remember that happiness is the new rich, inner peace is the new success, good health is the new wealth and kindness is the new cool.”

Sylvia’s courage during an uncertain time inspires me. So put the kettle on and add to this exciting discussion on

By Rebecca Budd

Blogger, Visual Storyteller, Podcaster, Traveler and Life-long Learner

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Thank you, Sylvia for sharing your insights during a very difficult and uncertain time. Your mother’s words “This too shall pass” was a reminder to live with a calm and joyous expectation. Instead of living in fear, recognize that there is so much good in the world to celebrate like the amazing volunteers making granny masks. You are so right – this crisis has brought out courageous heroes. We are in this together. And as you said, music is a way in which to enrich our lives and give hope. Looking forward to our next conversation!

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So many memories from listening to this post.
Music has that magic about it. Whether listening to it, or taking about it, the stimulation is undeniable.
My hubby is a musician/composer/arranger, and I have the joy of hearing live music pretty much every day. I can’t live without it.
I digress…
I wanted to talk about the mother and her prodigy. I just laughed when Sylvia said her mom thought she had a prodigy on her hands.
My sister (RIP) made all of her children take violin lessons. She kept telling me, “we have a prodigy!”
When I went home for a visit, the prodigy was presented to me.
The adorable child played “Manitoba Hot Dogs”. This is an early exercise of 6 notes… over and over.
“Er-ar-or-ur- ru-yr”
Thank you for this wonderful podcast! Love the piano, Sylvia!

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I laughed out loud when I read “Manitoba Hot Dogs” and the six note performance. That brought up so many memories of hot dogs in summertime. Ah, that marvelous parties on the beach with hot dogs. I am so glad you listened in to this podcast. Sylvia has the very best stories and I hope that she will write a children’s book on about her adventurous friends. I loved your digression. We must talk about music – you and your hubby are a power couple of creativity. I can’t live without the music either. I am so grateful for the musicians in our world. So please relay my thanks and appreciation to your hubby for what he does!

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Oh, those theory lessons gave a whole new meaning to music. I took a music theory course in my first year of university. I was fascinated by the professor who believed that she could help us understand pitch. Every class, we would all try to hum “A”. Then she would play the note. As the months progressed, I was amazed by how we progressed to humming the “A”. I almost forgot that memory. She was a beautiful soul!

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I took two music theory courses in high school and came to the conclusion that music is not my natural mode of creative expression. It was a good realization to come to at such a young age. I was happy to leave the creation of music to others and just enjoy it as a listener. I still do!

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