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Season 2 Episode 26: Irena on Curling, Connecting Canada & Scotland

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Today, I am delighted that my dear friend, Irena, has joined Tea Toast & Trivia to bridge the 972  kilometres, between Calgary and Alberta. If you are taking a road trip it would take 11 hours and 46 minutes via the Trans-Canada Highway.  I promise it would be an unforgettable, breathtaking journey for you would amid the majestic Canadian Rockies. 

Charles Martin Hardie, A Young Skip

Irena and I will be discussing Curling, the sport that Canada has embraced as an essential winter pastime. What is curling? How many players?  How do you win? Where did it originate? And why is it most firmly established in Canada?

Put the kettle on and add to this exciting conversation on TeaToastTrivia. Irena and I would love to hear your thoughts! 

Charles Martin Hardie, Curling at Carsebreck

“It might look complicated when you watch curling on TV, but when it comes right down to it, our sport is pretty easy to understand — once you learn some of the basic terminology and strategies. This is where you can start your learning process to find out how the game of curling works. And then you can get onto the ice and have fun with the rest of us!”

By Rebecca Budd

Blogger, Visual Storyteller, Podcaster, Traveler and Life-long Learner

11 replies on “Season 2 Episode 26: Irena on Curling, Connecting Canada & Scotland”

This was a fascinating discussion.I Irena is so knowledgeable on the subject. I think I’ve only seen this sport a couple of times on TV, so it was great to find out about its history. I had no idea it was such an old sport dating right back to the 16th century.

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Irena is a remarkable skip! Strategic, thoughtful and focused on the team, she epitomizes why Curling is becoming popular beyond our borders. Curling brings together people who would never meet otherwise. When I was out on the ice, I had to learn how to keep upright – never did get the hang of it. But what an exhilarating feeling to throw a rock and then wonder where it will end up. When this time of solitude is over – and it will pass – Irena has promised to come back when the championships are on to give us the details of what’s happening out on the sheet (of ice). Ah, the Scots gave us two great sports: Curling and Golfing. Well done, lads and lassies!

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What a fun podcast! I became interested in curling in the last two Winter Olympics as they began to promote it more at the Games. Our state actually had a member on the men’s 2018 U.S. gold medal team, so it was natural to follow along and learn the rules. So yes, it’s not a given that Canadians will always win 🙂 Curling is such a great competitive and non-violent sport…love this! There’s still so much to learn…

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Oh Mary Jo, I just found your comment. I am so sorry I haven’t responded sooner. Curing is a remarkable game that speaks to building community spirit. I would love to go back on the ice again – its been several years and I would have to learn how to slide along the ice again and maybe wear some padding in case I took a tumble. I love this 2 minute video which gives a quick overview.

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This was such a fun podcast! The clips of curling games on television gave me the impression that the game was kind of silly and not to be taken seriously. I so enjoyed learning the history, the cultural role of curling clubs, and how the game is actually played. No more misconceptions, and it was just fun to hear two aficionados of the game having an engaged conversation. Well done, Rebecca and Irena!

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I am delighted that you joined the conversation, Liz. As to being an aficionado – that would be Irena. Curling is fun and everyone is able to participate. While it is a competitive sport, even first timers are able to pick up the game and sense the energy and excitement that fills the arena. The feel of the rock in your hand, all eyes on you as you look down to the skip for instructions (secret signs etc) and then hearing the rock head towards the house – unforgettable. Thank you for your comments!!! Very much appreciated.

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