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Season 2. Episode 14: Another Day in Paradise with Sylvia

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Another Day in Paradise with Sylvia (Photo Credit Sylvia)

Today, I am delighted that Sylvia, a remarkable blogger and dear friend, has joined Tea Toast & Trivia to bridge the 4,245 kilometers, as the crow flies, between Florida and British Columbia . If you consider travel time, a road journey between us would take 3 Days, 5 Hours, 9 Minutes. I often wonder how a Google search can produce those exact time measurements.  And here we are connected within minutes as if we are in the same room.

Another Day in Paradise with Sylvia (Photo Credit Sylvia)

I have followed Sylvia’s blog, Another Day In Paradise, for many years.  And the name says it all. Sylvia has created a place that welcomes and encourages life-affirming conversations.   When you visit Sylvia, you enter a place of sunshine, warmth, blue skies, and lush vegetation. It is truly Paradise.

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Safe travels wherever your adventures take you.  And remember you are only an internet click away from Sylvia and Another Day in Paradise.

Another Day in Paradise with Sylvia (Photo Credit Sylvia)
Another Day in Paradise with Sylvia (Photo Credit Sylvia)


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I particularly enjoyed Sylvia’s discussion of blogging about her mother’s escapades–and her mother’s enjoyment of the posts. I also enjoyed her comments about the Florida birds. When I lived there, the birds were what I enjoyed most.

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I am delighted that your listened in – you always make my day with your comments.I just came back from walking on the Vancouver Seawall. We had a break in the rain and it was a perfect evening to watch the crows gather together as a community in preparation for the flight to their roost in Burnaby. I never tire of the sight – it happens every day about the same time. They are 6,000 strong from all over Vancouver and North Vancouver. But I have read that in Danville, Illinois, 100,000 crows gather – can you imagine that number!! We can learn much from these communities. They know how to work together.


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